About Us

hawaii2WE ARE A SMALL GROUP OF PEOPLE seeking to open more deeply to our human potential. We are engaged in the search to become who we are. Once we have a taste of authentic presence and moments of heightened consciousness, we begin to realize that inner work is essential to knowing our true nature. We invite others to join us who have an interest in the Gurdjieff ideas and who wish to pursue inner transformation.

The Hawai‘i group was founded in 2003 by David Ulrich with the assistance of Dr. Jacob Needleman and Nicholas Hlobeczy. We are centrally located in Honolulu where we have weekly group meetings and occasional weekend activities. Working with others offers opportunities for engaging the mind and heart in the service of the realization of our human potential and growth of being.

Gurdjieff calls us to awaken, telling us: “Man’s possibilities are very great. You cannot even conceive a shadow of what man is capable of attaining. But nothing can be attained in sleep. In the consciousness of a sleeping man his illusions, his ‘dreams’ are mixed with reality. He lives in a subjective world and he can never escape from it. And this is the reason why he can never make use of all the powers he possesses and why he lives in only a small part of himself.”