Let’s look at photographs as food. Does an exhibition leave you hungry or fill you with the visual equivalent of a snack or feast?

Do your photographs offer substance and sustenance? Or a starvation diet? Do your photographs feed another man’s body, his emotions, his love, his intellect, his cupidity, his lower appetites, his transcendental hungers? Or leave him drained, depleted of energy? As we know, images which poison one man, vivify another . . .
— Minor White, Mirrors, Messages, Manifestations

It is my belief that creativity arises from stillness.
— Nicholas Hlobeczy

Minor White 1975 © David Ulrich

Minor White 1975 © David Ulrich

Photographers Minor White and Nicholas Hlobeczy were instrumental influences in the founding and in the ongoing activities of the Hawai‘i group. Minor White believed that art and music, or impressions of nature and the world, could awaken dormant capacities in the human being and feed our search for consciousness.

He taught looking in a state of stillness and contemplation, open to the resonance between the viewer and the object, and aware of the differing and often contradictory responses arising from the component parts of our nature: mind, body, and feeling.

The Creative Response: For a more comprehensive look at the teachings of Minor White on vision and awareness.

Many artists, writers, and musicians have been influenced by the ideas of Gurdjieff.